Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Five weeks to the day that I stopped running I finally felt that my ankle was strong enough to venture out for a short one and a half mile run.  And I felt great - my ankle not so much, but the rest of me was in heaven.  Actually, the ankle was ok through most of it, but towards the last half mile I could feel some soreness coming on.  I tried to run easy, thinking of a 10+min/mile pace, but for the 4 runs that I've gotten in I have averaged sub-9 min/miles.  And I wasn't even really trying.

One thing that I've noticed is that my overall endurance is off - I'm tired....  My legs feel strong, but it's like my body itself is flat out tired after a run.  Which makes sense:  my cardio work outs have been substantially less aggressive, so my overall endurance levels will be off.  I'll need to build that back up.

After every run I've immediately applied ice to my ankle for 15-20 minutes, and then after my shower a light massage to keep things loose.  Every morning do a stretch routine.

As of this morning, after 4 runs in 5 days, including 3 good miles yesterday, my ankle feels pretty good.  Today will be a rest day, and I'll follow it with a 3, 4, rest, and then 5 mile routine.  I'd like to be up to 8 miles next week.